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This is a special hello and heads up for my Blogger followers. I am going to be linking the Sewing with Kids blog to my google+ account within the next few days which means that all previous and future Blogger comments, and the Blogger followers list will be disappear. You will still be able to interact if you choose to, though, by using your google+ account. Thank you!

Christmas Project Tray

Yesterday's post from my home business website is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

I wanted to show parents of beginner hand sewers the kinds of things we do in class, so I photographed the details of one of my project trays for them.

A Safe Alternative to Straight Pins

Do you think your child is too small or lacks enough coordination to use straight pins? A few serious pokes from a pin could be enough to make you question safety. It may turn a child off of sewing, too.

How to Sew a Whip Stitch

Welcome to Sewing With Kids! Today I'm going to explain how to teach your child to sew a whip stitch.

When you whip stitch, the thread loops around the edge of the fabric with each stitch. It's a strong stitch; strong enough to keep stuffing inside a stuffed toy.

Understanding Your Child’s Sewing Personality

Is there a way to understand your child's sewing personality? Why would you want to? 

How to Use Cookie Cutters for Templates

Are you looking for inspiration for shapes that your child can sew? How about making a pocket pal using a cookie cutter?

A pocket pal is a tiny stuffed softie that fits neatly into a pocket.

3 Feet Tall in a 6 Foot World

Think for a moment how it would feel to learn a new skill that requires intense concentration while sitting at a table made high enough for someone twice your size, in a chair twice your size. That is something I think about a lot when I teach kids to sew. 

Kids need kid-sized furniture. Why is that?

Keep Scissors Sharp Without Frequent Trips to the Bladesmith!

There is something important for adults to know about felt. Felt dulls scissors, fastAs lovely as this fabric is for children beginning to sew by hand, it is very hard on blades.

Tutorial: How to Make a Felt Owl

Hand crafted owls are all the rage. With a little prep work on your part, this project can be simple enough for the youngest sewer. 

Creative Minds Need Tender Care

I think one of the worst things a grown-up can do is shame a child. 

I remember in grade 2 the class was asked by Teacher to colour a tree. It was autumn, and I had loads of fun choosing crayons with vibrant, joyful fall colours for my tree. I soon got into trouble for not following directions, though. I didn't hear, Teacher wanted the leaves green. I was so hurt that she didn't like my beautiful tree. Well, that's how my 7-year-old self saw it, anyway.

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