Hand Sewing Supplies

Hand sewing is a life skill that everyone, girl and boy, should have. There will come a day when a young girl will want to hem her jeans or a young boy to sew a button back on his shirt.    

It’s like riding a bike. Once sewing skills are learned they are never forgotten. Learning young is usually pretty easy and kids love it.    

From a grown-up's point of view it is a handy skill to have. A male friend of mine once put it this way:   

"A good skill for both men and woman to learn is sewing! I can maintain my clothing and make it last a lot longer than my colleagues can because they don't bother sewing their stuff. If I get a small rip in my pants I'll sew it up and patch it.

The other guys have to pay $6 per patch to have patches put on their uniforms by the company. I just take the patches and sew them on myself!" Rooftop Eagle - Ontario, Canada
In this three-part series I talk about what to look for when first buying sewing supplies for a child's sewing box. 

Parents always ask me what should they get first. Or, what would be a good choice for a birthday present.

Some folks are intimidated by going to a fabric store the first time. Even more so to pick things out from the array of displays. Reading the next 3 articles will make shopping for supplies fun.  

This series takes you step-by-step through the basics. It uses LOTS of close up photos. After reading it you and your kids will recognise the best supplies when you see them.

With my printable shopping list, your child will have everything (s)he needs to start learning this practical, rewarding life skill.

Part I - the sharp tools

Part II - the pointy ones

Part III - marking fabric for stitching and the best thread type to start your child hand sewing

The following links are to 2 fantastic, no-sew projects. They are a super way to start learning how to have fun with fabric. They may be added to a child's first sewing basket, and they make great gifts.

needle book tutorial

Click here for a tutorial on how to make a needle book

pincushion video

Enjoy assembling your new sewing basket!