Friday, June 10, 2011

Always Leave Them Wanting More!

Hello, grown-ups! You may be wondering how long a sewing session with your child should be. My experience is this; the shorter the attention span of the child, the shorter the sewing session should be. Makes perfect sense, right?

And in my opinion, you should stop sewing before your child's interest for the activity starts to drop. Think of a way you can smoothly segue into clean-up time as soon as you notice this.

I limit lessons for very little people to 45-60 minutes each week, depending on the child's attention span. You can learn how much time to spend sewing with your child pretty quickly.

Interest drop shows up as any form of fidgeting ... leaving the sewing space for no obvious reason, lots of deep sighing, other things in the room start taking his attention and so on. 

Once you know how long his attention span is, use an egg timer to signal the end of each sewing session before you expect the fidgeting to start. This makes the timer the bad guy for ending the fun, not you!

I always include tidying up as part of the sewing session.  It’s a good habit for everyone to get in to.  When the timer beeps, immediately put everything away, even if the project isn't finished. 

You can keep tools, thread and unfinished project together. I just slip them into a Ziploc bag marked with the child's name and put the bag into a sewing box or other agreed on safe place until our next sewing session.  

I know cleaning up can be really hard for some kids, but insist on it as an important part of sewing. Soon it will be automatic.

After an hour of sewing many kids are not ready to call it quits, but if you leave a child wanting more he will probably look forward to your next sewing session with anticipation. 

To recap...

1. Watch your child's body language so you can stop sewing before fidgeting starts.

2. Get into the habit of using an egg timer to end sessions.

3. Make tidying up part of the lesson.

4. Always leave them wanting more.

Happy Stitching!  


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