Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make a Simple, Felt Needle Book!


Felt - 2 colours
Marker or pen
Needle with an eye big enough to fit yarn - the eye is the hole in the needle where the yarn goes through

Make the needle book

Read all the instructions with a grown-up to make sure you understand them. To make a needle book, choose a template. A template is a shape to trace around.

The template can be your favourite large cookie cutter or a cardboard shape. You can make your needle book shaped like a gum ball, an alligator, or a woodland tree.

Remember to ask a grown-up if it is okay before you trace around the template.

1) Choose the colour you want for the cover. Fold it in half. Trace template onto the felt. This will be the front and back covers. Trace the template onto the second colour. This will be the page of the needle book.

Cut following the marker lines that you drew.

2) Cut the line you drew on the folded felt outside the line. Cut the line you drew you drew on the second piece if felt inside the line. line.

If you cannot make the scissors work well yet, ask a grown-up to help.

3) Next, make a felt sandwich by putting the needle book page between the front and back covers. Line -the top edges. 

With yarn or ribbon you are going to sew all 3 pieces of felt together. Choose a needle with an eye that is big enough for the yarn. Thread the needle. Do not tie a knot in the thread. 

4) Politely ask a grown-up to make 2 dots on the felt with the marker. Draw them close to the top of the front needle book cover. Like in the picture above and next. Do you see the dots? 

Remember to thank the grown-up for his or her help. :)

5) Now, make 1 ginormous stitch.  Poke your needle down through one dot, through the front cover, the page and the back cover. 

Poke the needle up through the other dot.  Be sure to catch all 3 pieces of felt with your stitch!

Carefully, pull the needle off the yarn. Tie a double knot, the kind of knot you make when you want your shoes to stay tied.

6) Decorate the front needle book cover, if you like. Use fabric paint or a Sharpie marker. Sharpie markers won't run on felt.

You might glue on sequins, or sew on buttons to make your needle book one-of-a-kind!

7) Put sewing needles in the page of the needle book for safe keeping by using a scooping motion – like the motion you use to scoop ice-cream.

Your needle book is finished! 

Wow! Look what you made!

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  1. What a nice learn-to-sew project. Thanks for linking to the Kids Can Craft party. Would love if you'd add the party button to your blog:)


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