Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewing Basket Part I: Sharp Things

Parents often ask me what their child needs to have for hand sewing supplies. Here are 3 sharp things that belong in the sewing basket.

Sharp things for your rock star's sewing basket

Thread Snips are used solely for cutting thread. They have a spring mechanism at the hinged end that pops them open each time you snip. Look for thread snips with a blade protector.

Embroidery Scissors are tiny versions of regular scissors. They are used for cutting thread and are also great for clipping curves and notches, something a future fashionista will learn to do. Here is picture of a pair of embroidery scissors compared to the size of a quarter.

A Seam Ripper is used for picking out ugly stitches, something that happens to everyone, I'm afraid. It is basically a teensy blade on a stick. 

The blade is shaped like a lopsided letter U with a point on the longer leg of the U, and a tiny bead on the short side. It is used to cut or pull stitches out one at a time. 

Kids get frustrated when stitches need to be picked out so I do the picking for them, at first. Look for a seam ripper with a blade protector.

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