Friday, July 29, 2011

Keep Scissors Sharp Without Frequent Trips to the Bladesmith!

There is something important for adults to know about felt. Felt dulls scissors, fastAs lovely as this fabric is for children beginning to sew by hand, it is very hard on blades.

So, be prepared. When cutting felt shapes for your child’s sewing projects the scissors are going to need to be sharpened, often, if you make a lot of felt projects!   

I use a pair of medium priced, bent handled scissors that I reserve just for cutting felt, and I sharpen them using a Fiskars® scissor sharpener.  It looks like the one in the photo. 

The blades of the scissors slide into the opening on the right, and then are closed and opened as if cutting something.  Do this a few times and dull scissors are ready to cut again!

There are several sharpeners on the market. Take a trip to your local fabric store to look at your options.


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