Sunday, July 03, 2011

Turorial: No-sew Pin Cushion


Jump ahead in the video to the 5:35 mark, and see how to make a really cute, felt pin cushion!

The pin cushion looks like a miniature layer cake and (with adult supervision) is fun for kids to make and use! 

It's quite easy! You just roll, narrow, pre-cut strips of felt to make the cake layers and then decorate with embellishments.

My kids loved making these in sewing class.

One word of caution: This project uses a hot glue gun.

A few lines and dots of hot glue are needed to hold the cake-shape and embellishments in place, so please be careful when you use hot glue. Grown-ups should operate the glue gun.

We used trims like rick-rack, ribbon, beads and pre-made flowers to decorate our cakes, but you can add any embellishments you like. 
Grown-ups, pre-cut felt strips ahead of project time.

Cut 8 pieces measuring 2.5" x 12" from felt.
Cut 4 pieces measuring 1.5" x 12" from felt.

The video explains how to put them together.  

So, pull out your trim basket and a hot glue gun (again only for you grown-ups to handle), and get set for some creative fun.

Print a PDF of the complete supply list.

Happy stitching!


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