Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To Sew a Running Stitch

If you are just joining me on this site, welcome!  I'm going to explain how to sew a running stitch today. Care to join me?

If you sew a running stitch around the perimeter of a felt shape it would look as if the shape were outlined with a dashed line, just like the yellow thread in the photo above.   

The thread does not loop over the edge of the fabric like it does for a whip stitch, except when you make a lock stitch. The running stitch isn't as strong as a whip stitch. If the stitches are too big and too far apart, they will not keep stuffing inside a stuffed toy very well. So, try to keep your stitches small and close together.

When a running stitch is big, it is useful to hold something in place for a short time. You may hear it being called a basting stitch in this case. It's kind of like having an extra set of hands because it holds the fabric in place for you while you make more secure stitches.

This is how to sew a running stitch.

Notice in the next pictures there are dots on the sewing project. These show a beginner where to make each stitch until he has learned stitch spacing. Read about how to prepare projects for beginners

1) Thread a needle.

2) Tie a knot.

3) Line up two pieces of felt and pin them together. Hide the knot by poking the needle through one piece of fabric from the wrong side to the right side.

{Read more about hiding the knot for beginners. Also, for these photos I forgot to make my very 1st stitch on the same dot to secure the knot sandwich. Sorry for any confusion.}

4) Poke the needle down through the next dot through both pieces of felt {if you are making a felt project like the ones I sew with beginners in my class}

5) Keep poking up through one dot and down through the next. Up ... Down ... Up ... Down.

That's a running stitch. Remember to lock your stitch when you have finished!

Happy stitching!


  1. Love that little felt horse!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. A running stitch is about all I've mastered and is what I am using to make my heart sachets. :) Love the felt creations the kids are making. Fun stuff! Have a great day. Tammy

  3. Hello, Susan and Bently! The horse shape is popular with the kids. They like it too. Thanks for visiting!

    T's Daily Treasures, I'd love to see your heart sachets. I'm trying to figure out how to set up a multi-user account at Flicker so we can all share our sewing projects. Stay tuned!


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