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How to Sew a Hanging Heart Ornament with Kids!

Are you looking for a special sewing project to do with your little kinder-kins? With a bit of guidance from you, your kiddo can sew this hanging heart ornament by hand. It’s simple, cute and suits pretty much any occasion calling for a heartfelt gift.

I've been using the Winky Cherry System to teach kids to sew for years. It really works! This system involves grown-ups by having them do a little prep work ahead of time, which helps things go smoothly. So, here is what you need: 

Grown-up’s Supplies

2 pieces of felt
Ultra-Fine Sharpie® marker
Ribbon for hanging
Fabric Glue
Felt scraps

Grown-up’s Prep Work

Step 1

Cut a heart shape 5”- 6” (12-15cm) across from 2 pieces of felt at the same time - so the 2 pieces will fit together nicely.

 Step 2 

Mark tiny dots around the perimeter of the heart with an ultra-fine Sharpie®. Mark them approximately 3/16” (4 mm) in from the edge and 3/16” (4 mm) apart. These dots show kids where to poke the needle to sew each stitch. Remember those old-school lacing cards? Like that.

Leave a section with no dots along a straight part of the heart, for stuffing.

Step 3  

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8” (20cm) long for the hanger. Making sure the heart hangs straight, use fabric glue to attach the ribbon hanger to the back of the heart marked with dots. Follow directions for drying time.

Step 4 

Cut small shapes from a variety of coloured felt for decorations. You can use 1.5” (4cm) squares like I did or you could cut things like flowers, hearts or circles.

Put felt shapes and buttons within your child's reach so (s)he can make choices freely.

I like to arrange sewing projects attractively on trays. Here is one I put together for my students...

Now, you are ready for the kiddos! 

Hanging Heart Ornament Supplies

2 prepared felt heart shapes
Buttons and small felt shapes
Needle & thread

Step 1

Choose buttons and small felt shapes to decorate the heart.

Place them on the heart front – the one with the dots and hanger on it - until you like the way they look. You can mark a dot at each spot to help you remember where you want to sew them, if you want.

Step 2

Use your pincher fingers on one hand to hold the decorations in place and sew them on with a few stitches just like you would a button.

Step 3 

With the pretty side facing you, lie the decorated piece of felt over the other piece. Shift them around until the edges line up.

Pin the 2 pieces together.

Step 4 

Choose which direction you want to sew … clock-wise or counter-clock-wise … it doesn't matter.

Now, look for a gap in the dots. Do not sew that part closed yet. Leave it open for stuffing later.

Start sewing on the very first dot after the gap by hiding the knot. This is one way to hide a knot. Here is another.

Step 5

Sew a running stitch around the heart.

(A grown-up may have to sew the stitches at the spot where the hanger is attached because dried glue is really hard to sew through.)

When you have finished sewing, stop at the last dot and lock your stitch.

Step 6

Stuff the heart. 

Final Step

Ask a grown-up to add more dots, OR you can eyeball your last stitches if you have the hang of it.

Sew the opening closed.

There! You have made a pretty hanging heart! Do you want to make another one?

You can make more!

Try different sizes.

Try seasonal colours for ornaments on a tree.

Sew one in a loved one’s favourite colours as a gift.

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Happy stitching!


  1. So adorable! I'm thinking I could make Christmas decorations with my feed sack material and practice my hand stitching at the same time! Thanks for the tutorial. These would make great gifts.

    1. That sounds like a really cute idea. May I ask... Where do you get the feed sack material?

  2. Your blog looks lovely and as for your query, you're most welcome to share at the practical mondays link up :)

  3. I love how you have laid out this process so clearly. You have a real gift. I am so glad you linked this up at the Lifelong Learners Link-Up at this week!
    Tina from Desperate Homeschoolers


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