Monday, June 13, 2016

Sewing Project for Kids: How to Sew a Gift Card Wallet for Dad!

Kids who come to sew with me love making gifts for family. This year we are sewing a special gift for Father’s Day which, by the way, is coming up this weekend! If you are looking for a fun gift for Dad why not sew this special gift card wallet for him?

Hi there, welcome to Sewing with Kids where I give grown-ups tips on how to teach their kids to sew by hand!

With the teaching method I use in my own sewing school and on this website, grown-ups always do a little bit of prep work ahead of sewing sessions. That extra prep work really helps things go more smoothly when you sit down to sew with your youngster.

If you and your child are already experienced sewers, scroll past the parts that don’t apply to you right on down to today's tutorial. 

Grown-up's Supplies

Felt, 1 sheet
Ultra-fine Sharpie® marker

Grown-up's Prep Work

Step 1 Cut a 4” wide X 6” long (10cm X 15cm) rectangle from felt.

Step 2 With the felt on the ironing board in front of you, place it in a portrait orientation - the direction your kiddo’s school picture hangs on the wall. Fold the bottom end upward 2¼” (5.7 cm) forming a pocket where the gift card will go (photo A). Press. This leaves about 1¼“(3cm) at the top for a flap. Fold the flap down. Press.

Step 3 Open the flap and mark dots about 1/8” (3mm) from the edge and ¼“ (6mm) apart on 3 sides (photo B).

Step 4 Mark button placement on the pocket section.

Step 5 Cut a slit in the flap that lines up with the button placement mark for the button hole.

Now, the wallet is ready for kids to sew.

How to Sew a Gift Card Wallet for Dad!

Step 1 Sew a button to the centre front of the felt rectangle at the mark. If you need to see how to sew a button, go here.

Step 2 With the felt facing you. Fold the bottom upward to make a pocket.
Choose a dot on the bottom corner of the left or right side of the pocket - it doesn’t matter which side. Start by hiding the knot and securing the thread at the first dot. I've shown you 2 ways to hide a knot before; this one and this one. Choose the one you like best and make what I like to call a knot sandwich.  :)

Step 3 Sew a running stitch up one side of the wallet, around the flap and down the other side (photo D). 

Step 4 It's time to lock your stitches like a knot so they don't fall out! Choose technique #1 or technique #2 to lock your work and hide the thread tails. 

Your wallet is finished! Slip a gift card from Dad’s favourite store into the pocket and button the flap. Now it is ready to give to Dad on his special day!

Other Ideas for this Project

Use buttons or small pieces of felt to decorate your wallet.
Make one for a birthday party when you are gifting money.
Make a tiny one for your Barbie®
Or sew a big one for your ipad.

Check out the really big pouches that these awesome kids at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom made! Happy stitching! 

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  1. These are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing this post at the Lifelong Learners Link-Up Party at!

  2. Have featured this in this week's Practical Mondays :)

    1. Oh, my goodness! Thank you very much. I'm honoured.

  3. Fabulous kids project!! My daughter would love to sew these! Thanks for sharing at our craft party on Thursday! Your post got chosen as one of our favorites! Come see it and share your latest DIY'S!

  4. Hi
    So cute!
    What sort of needle and thread do you use?

    1. Hello, Jay! I use either chenille or embroidery needles in sizes 18-22 for beginners. I let them choose from an assortment of needles what the size they want to use.

    2. For thread I use a #30 crochet cotton by DMC called Cébélia.


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