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How to Sew an Easy, Felt Snowman Softie

This easy to sew, snowman was inspired by a follower on my Facebook page. Diane asked for an easy, soft sculpture snowman that the kids in her class could sew. She wanted one that was bigger than an ornament. This one is 10½” and huggable!

Earlier this fall I was invited to take part in the Sew a Softie for Christmas project and I knew right away what to design. It just had to be this snowman! 

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Sew a Softie for Christmas is the vision of Trixi Symonds. Trixi teaches sewing to kids in Australia, is a *published author and blogs at Coloured ButtonsHeartfelt thanks, Trixi. It was such fun designing this little guy. 

From December 1st to 14th sewing bloggers around the world are sharing their easy tutorials. Along with Trixi we want to encourage grown-ups and kids everywhere to start sewing!

To see all the tutorials in this sewing collaboration use the hashtag #SASXMAS on Instagram or Facebook

Easy, Felt Snowman Softie


2 - 9”x12” sheets of white felt
1 - 9”x12” sheet of red felt
Scraps of orange and black felt
Embroidery floss to match felt
Embroidery needle, or other sharp needle with a large eye
Toy Stuffing
2 - ½” Snowflake buttons (optional) 

Easy, Felt Snowman Softie - Template PDF

(Set printer preferences to 100% for a 10½” snowman.)

Skills you need to make this project: Running Stitch, Back Stitch, Lock Stitch, Sew a Button and Stuff a Softie.

Step 1 - Cut

Cut 2 strips of red felt, 1” wide for scarf.

Use the PDF snowman template to cut 2 eyes from the black felt, and 1 carrot nose from the orange felt.

Pin the 2 pieces of white felt together.

Use the template to cut out the front and back pieces of the snowman from the white felt. Cut them both at the same time so they will match up when you sew them. 

Step 2 - Sew

On one of the white snowman pieces (it will be the front), arrange the eyes and nose until you like them. Pin in place.  

TIP: When embroidery floss is made at the factory, six threads are twisted together to make one. Just cut the length you need, then separate out one thread to sew with. Pull on that one thread until it is separate from the rest. 

Thread your needle and tie the tails together with a knot.

Use orange floss to sew the nose in place with running stitches.

Use black floss to sew the eyes in place with running stitches.

TIP: Because the snowman is white and the thread for the eyes is black, that black thread will show through between the eyes if you continue sewing from one eye to the next without cutting the thread. I suggest you keep that from happening by lock stitching after you sew one eye ...  and start sewing a-fresh on the next one.

Using the template as a visual guide, use black thread to stitch cute twiggy arms on the snowman with back stitches. (This step may be omitted.)

Step 3 - Sew the Snowman’s Body

Line-up the front and back white snowman pieces. You will have to shift, shift, shift to get it in place. Be patient. When all the edges match up pin the pieces together so they cannot move while you are stitching!

Stitch the snowman together using a running stitch. Leave a 3” opening at the bottom for stuffing.

Stuff the head first, then body. Sew the opening closed with more running stitches.

Step 4 - Make the Scarf

Overlap the ends of the two 1” strips of red felt about ½”. Use a running stitch in the shape of a rectangle to sew them together where they overlap. Like this...

Tie the scarf around the snowman’s neck and cut the ends to the length you want. As an option you may also sew a ½” snowflake button to each end of the scarf. 

Other ideas for this project

Put a jingle bell in with the toy stuffing. He’ll jingle merrily when he is jiggled.

Use buttons instead of felt for the face. You may be able to find novelty, carrot shaped buttons in the fabric store at Christmas time!

Make the scarf any colour you want.

Make it look like the scarf has fringes by cutting little snips in the ends.

Sew fun shaped, novelty buttons onto the snowman’s tummy.

Change the size of your snowman by changing the printing preferences for the PDF template – more than 100% for a bigger snowman and less than 100% for a smaller one. Make a whole family of snowmen!


  1. Sue, I love your snowman :) Your instructions are really clear and simple to follow. I'm so glad to have met you online!! Thanks for joining into Sew a Softie for Christmas:)

    1. Thank you for inviting me to SASXMAS, Trixi! Taking part has been a pleasure. So has meeting you. :)

  2. So adorable! What a great gift this would be! Thank you for your instructions and encouragement!

    1. Yes, it would; a great and easy gift! Hi, Daisy. Nice to see you! Thanks for visiting. :)

  3. So so cute! My younger two boys LOVE stuffed animals and while I have had them do a few stitches with me here and there when sewing up a hole in a beloved stuffed animal I have never thought to make a sewing project with them. They would love this! Pinned!

    1. Thank you for pinning! If your boys enjoyed mending softies they might really enjoy making one. If you have any questions just ask! :)

  4. Love your snowman! Thanks for the pattern!

  5. Looks pretty straight forward, thanks for sharing at #practicalmondays, I'm glad you're back :)


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