Sewing Supply List

Hand sewing is a life skill that everyone should learn. There may come a day when a young miss will want to hem her jeans or a young man to sew a button on his shirt. 
In this three part series, I talk about what to purchase for a child's hand sewing basket.

Some folks are intimidated when going to a fabric store for the first time - even more so to choose from the huge array of displays. Reading the 3 parts in this series will make shopping for supplies pleasant because you'll be able to recognise the sewing items. There are lots of close up photos.

By getting the things on the printable shopping list below, your child will have everything (s)he needs to start learning a rewarding life skill. 

Do you already know your way around a fabric store? Skip right to the printable list below.

Part III - fabric markers for stitch spacing plus the best thread for beginners

I hope you enjoy assembling your new sewing basket together. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions. sewingwithkids(at)cheerful(dot)com

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