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Welcome to Sewing with Kids!

So, you would like to teach hand sewing to your kiddo. I'm so glad that your search brought you here. It is the perfect place to start, I think!

Hi, I’m Sue. In my home studio, I use the Winky Cherry System to teach kids to sew, and I love to write about it so you can learn to do it too. Everything you need to know about teaching the basics is here. Just click on a topic to start.

Happy stitching!

How to Make Your First Hand Sewn Project

The first thing we always do in class is sew a small, stuffed bird made of felt. These topics show you step-by-step exactly how I teach children to do that. I hope you find them useful. Email me at sewingwithkids(at)cheerful(dot)com with any hand sewing questions. I'm here to serve you and help get those kiddos stitching and loving it!

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How to Tie a Knot
How to Anchor Thread and Hide the Knot, for Beginners
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How to Add Stuffing to a Stuffie
How to Sew a Lock Stitch, for Beginners


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